Seth Chase - Straight Load to the Face (Mouth)

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Roman and I had an agreement that in order for him to do a video he would jack off and bust his nut on my face. He didn't want to be touched in any way and didn't want any of his cum going anywhere but inside a female. I thought that was a weird request. It's not like if a gay dude takes your load, you're going to turn queer or something. But whatever, I told him to just spray on my face and that'd be that. We started the video and Roman starts jacking away while watching straight porn. Since I was basically just kneeling there waiting for Roman's load to spray on my face, I whip out my dick and start jacking myself. By the look on roman's face he was a little freaked out by this. He was now jacking off with another dude. Something he's obviously never done before. Surprisingly, as soon as Roman saw me jacking my dick, he was ready to bust. He starts breathing heavy and says "I'm gonna cum". My face is right in the line of fire as Roman releases his load. The first ropes of his warm jizz land on my face. I think to myself "Fuck! I have to get that in my mouth". So I take his cum spewing cock in my mouth and swallow the rest of his load. I keep sucking until his shaft is completely drained. This is so fucking hot I'm ready to blow my load now. Roman watches as I shoot a big load all over the floor. I hadn't realized how freaked out Roman was until I saw the video footage of his face, just at the moment I took his cum spewing dick in my mouth. I know I told him I wouldn't do that, but instinct took over. Seriously, how am I not going to go in for a taste when theres a spewing cock inches from my face? I'm lucky I didn't get punched. Then he really almost lost it when I shot my load. I don't know, maybe he's never seen another dude cum in person before. Having just swallowed his load, I was in my own world for a minute, in total ecstasy, with straight spunk flowing down my throat. I just needed to get off and didn't even notice that he was freaking out. Don't worry Roman, another guy swallowing your cum doesn't make you less of a man. Two dudes getting off together is actually the most masculine thing I can think of. Welcome to the world of gay porn Roman!

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