My Straight Buddy - Drunk Marine Beer Pong

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This started out as an insane crazy night at the bar, and ended up just getting more insane as the night went on. So there I was, hanging out with Ted at the local watering hole, when we ran into some guys I knew from the gate on base, so we ended up doing shots and shots and more shots and pretty soon we were all feeling pretty good. Jason and Matt are pretty much brand new marines and it shows, especially after Ted recognized some friends of his, Eric and Zane who were most definitely their seniors...hardcore badasses who had been over to Afghanistan several times and seen shit that would curl your hair. Pretty soon all of us were doing shots, and getting fucked up. This is about when Eric started hitting on some Staff NCOs lady and we had to beat a trail out of there, quick. Luckily for us Ted quit drinking some time back but still loves to hang out with us reprobates, so we had a sober driver to take us back to the house. And, as so often happens, beer pong ensued. Now the thing that is kinda weird about this video, but kinda hot too, is that Eric and Zane are to men who have seen way too much of war. They are wound the fuck up, especially when they're drunk. These guys are hardcore ground pounding baddasses, and so it is their natural inclination to seriously fuck with young marines that are just coming into the fleet. So, all throughout this video Erc and Zane are calling Matt and Jason terrible names, and threatening to beat the crap out of them if they win. THEY ARE JOKING. WARNING: This being said, Eric says some things that I would not normally include in a video. I thought long and hard about whether to include it, and I could have cut it out. It is definitely inappropriate and I'm not going to apologize or make excuses for it. BUT please trust me when I say that he doesn't mean it. We were all naked in the hot tub together and these guys are not in the least homophobic no matter what language you hear him use, he's just trying to get a rise out of some little guys. Wo to their credit totally held their own.

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