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Prepare to get excited. Seriously fit and stunningly handsome straight lad Paddy OBrian strips for us, flexing his spectacular muscled body, great pecs, killer abs, with hairy chest and powerful legs.. then he lubes up his big thick girthy dick and jerks off in different positions before shooting a huge load over his sweaty bulging six pack... We start off with an interview. Like everything with Paddy, you get more than with most models.. He talks openly with his big smile, and you can tell he has a great sense of humour from the start. Its the longest interview Ive ever done on the site, but Paddy is clearly very chatty and open, and its worth it for his cheeky grin alone. Then the solo starts off with Paddy standing, in pale blue adidas sports kit. From head to toe this lad is sex on legs. He starts to rub his bulge gently, pulling his shorts up to show us a bit more of his strong hairy thighs, then lifts his vest to reveal those killer abs.. lifting it further he shows off his muscular hairy chest. Removing his vest, Paddy plays with his nipples, then rubs a little oil over that tight torso. He returns to rubbing his crotch, flashing us sexy little looks as he starts getting a semi in his shorts. He pulls the shorts down, leaving him in just his white boxers, and he carries on playing with his bulge, and quickly it gets hard, and even in his undies you can see there is some serious girth down there.. He gives us another look and slowly eases his undies down over his stiff bulging dick.. Paddys cock is just as breath taking as the rest of him.. big, super thick and rock solid, nicely veined, with a very thick bulging head on it.. His balls and crotch are nicely hairy and natural too.. Paddy starts to jerk off slowly for us, and rubs a little lube into his cock.. he squeezes the end of his dick hard, working up some precum for us, giving us the first of some very horny close ups.. He keeps himself hard, jerking off fast, then slow, then gives us some very hot hands free shots, and flexes his biceps while his thick meat throbs and twitches.. Seriously hot.. Some great low angles, with Paddy standing over us, jerking off slow into the camera, showing off his impressive girth and awesome muscles.. Paddy moves over to the sofa, and leans back into it, legs apart, and continues working his big meat for us, keeping himself rock solid.. He reaches for the lube again, and puts plenty on, rubbing it all over his bulging bell end and thick shaft.. clearly the feel of the lube turns him on, and he gets more precum, and shows it to us.. He looks so damn fit working his dick like this, we take our time and gets loads of great angles and point of view shots, all the time Paddy getting closer and closer to shooting his load.. So then he starts to speed up.. If his body looked good before it looks even better now, as his big muscles start to tense and bulge, his whole body now glistening with fresh sweat.. Paddy jerks off hard, building up, his breathing getting louder, and just before he shoots, he looks directly at us, and hold that sexy look right up to the point where he starts to shoot.. and when he does, man, its one helluva cum shot, with jet after jet of thick pure white jizz, spurting to the top of his abs, and he keep on pumping it out till he is nicely covered in his hot spunk.. Drenched in sweat, Paddy continues squeezing it out as he catches his breath...

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