William Higgins - Tomas Kukal, Roman Ditrich, Kaja Kolomaz, Lukas Pribyl and M

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In Wank Party 2012 #8 we have Tomas Kukal, Roman Ditrich, Kaja Kolomaz, Lukas Pribyl and Milos Zambo. In part one we saw Lukas in he rehabilitation session with Kaja and Milos. Roman and Tomas were left to wait. Part 2 picks up from when Lukas goes in for his session. They here some noises and Roman goes over to peep through the keyhole and beckons Tomas to come and check as well. Peeping through the keyhole he sees that the other guys are fucking. Although surprised he soon suggests that he and Roman try some rehabilitation. As he talks he rubs his hand over Roman's crotch and then opens the pants. Peeping again through the keyhole Tomas then opens Roman's pants and pulls out his hard cock. He quickly starts to suck on that big dick. Tomas really sucks on Roman's cock well, taking it nice and deep and he keeps going for quite a while. Then, realising that everything has gone quiet in the other room they quickly move back to the sofa. Just in time too, since the door opend and Lukas comes out followed by the medical staff. Milos explains that he and Kaja must take their lunch break for 30 minutes. That leaves Roman and Tomas alone again, to wait. They quickly go back to having some fun, with Tomas sucking back down on Roman's still hard cock. As he his being sucked Roman removes his shirt and then stands up and gets completely naked, as Tomas takes his top off as well. Then Roman sits again, for more sucking. He then stands Tomas up and takes his shorts off. Tomas is hard too and Roman wastes no time in sucking on that cock. It's not long before they move back to the sofa for a 69. Tomas is on top, taking Roman's dick in his mouth. Roman is sucking too as we get a great view of Tomas hot ass. Tomas is feeling so horny and sits his ass over Roman's face, so he can rim the hole. His tongue laps at that sexy hole really turning Tomas on. He wants more and stands, legs apart, presenting his ass to Tomas who pushes his throbbing dick deep into the hole. He fucks Tomas nice and hard, his pole sliding in and out with ease. Then Roman pulls out and goes down on Tomas cock for some more sucking. Tomas loves how his cock feels and wants some ass too. Roman lays on the sofa, with Tomas kneeling between his legs. Tomas then slips his cock into Roman's waiting hole, fucking it with long, slow strokes. Roman takes it well and when Tomas has had enough he pulls out and they move so taht he can sit his sexy ass down on Roman's cock. He rides his ass up and down over that big dick, stretching the hole nicely. Then Roman takes over, thrusting his cock in and out of the ass, doing such a good job that very soon Tomas shoots a nice big load. Roman continues to fuck Tomas ass, harder and faster until he pulls out and shoots his cum as well, a big, creamy load. Just as he is draining that dick Kaja and Milos return from lunch and see what has been going on. Without another thought they take both Roman and Tomas in the the rehabilitation room. This second part certainly lived up to the hot sex of part one, all the guys really excelled in this Wank Party.

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