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Super Handsome & Incredible Body! With smouldering handsome looks and the most incredible muscular body, Stany is pretty much perfect in every way, and confidently oils up and jerks off for us before spraying his incredible abs in spunk. SO HOT. Stany is one of those guys who is so incredibly hot, it almost takes your breath away, from his dark smouldering handsome features, to his incredible body, with solid pecs and sculpted chiselled abs, and hairy muscular legs, even his calves are muscular and well built, totally perfect, as are his beautiful feet... and did i mention his prefect cock too...? And to top it all, Stany does not go to the gym or do any sport, he just leads a pretty active life and puts his incredible body down to good genetics.. Wearing Puma sports kit, Stany begins by rubbing and squeezing his dick in his black shorts, and then lifting his top, giving us our first glimpse of that hot body.. his abs are firm, with a sexy little trail of hair leading from his chest down to his dick.. lifting his top further, he shows off his muscular pecs, his big biceps bulging as he holds his top up. He plays with his nipples a bit, and puts his top up behind his neck. He stands, and pours some oil onto his chest, liberally, and some it it drips down his pecs, and he starts rubbing it in, putting plenty on those tight abs and then rubbing more into his big biceps. His chest has a very sexy smattering of dark hair between his pecs, but only slightly, its not what you would call a hairy chest, but he isnt totally smooth either. He also rubs a little of the oil into his strong hairy legs. Stany rubs and squeezes his cock some more, and by now his dick is hard in his shorts, the shape of it bulging out against the fabric. He slowly pulls the shorts down, allowing his to spring out. Its a perfect size and thickness, not huge but bigger than average. He rubs a little lube into it, and jerks off slowly for us, occasionally glancing at us with his smouldering eyes. Lots of great angles from below showing off his fantastic body. He returns to the sofa, and continues to jerk off, slowly at first, but then speeding up, getting into a good rhythm, and his breathing gets heavier and faster as he gets closer.. then he shoots, and it spurts out strong and hard, up his chest, and onto those tight abs, shiny with oil and sweat.. and he looks hotter than ever.

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