Hard Brit Lads - Steven Prior & Drew Brody

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Two x Ten Inch Monstercocks! Two Ten inch Monstercocks!! Prepare for the most mouthwatering massive dick suckathon, as Steven Prior & Drew Brody, two of Britains most massively hung lads, pair up to talk about and then suck each others monster sized uncut cocks, in diff positions - 20 min video. Unmissable!! TWO UNCUT TEN INCHERS!! For those of you who like super huge dicks, you will be in Monstercock Heaven with this unmissable scene! Slim twink Steven Prior and beefy rugby lad Drew Brody, both with super think uncut ten inchers, are two of the most hung lads in the UK, and this scene is destined to become a classic. Both lads had mentioned that they would love to fool around with someone as big as them, so I HAD to put them together for an eyewatering mutual suck fest. The result will have you spunking in your pants in no time! We start off with a light-hearted but very honest chat, with the lads talking about what it was like growing up with a monstercock, and the pros and cons of being super well hung. Its interesting, funny, and revealing. After that, the lads cant wait to get started, and begin groping each other, and right away both lads have massive hard bulges straining inside their adidas shorts. They squeeze each others now rock hard cocks, before taking them out the side of their shorts.. What an incredible sight! Both cocks are super thick, and ten inches is the real size, not an exaggeration. And both are uncut, and they jerk off nice and slow so you can see their foreskin sliding back and forth over the end of their fat dicks. They jerk themselves off, then they jerk off each other, and kiss. Then Drew leans back into the corner of the sofa, and Steven lays on his side and begins to lick and suck on Drews monstermeat. Knowing how good it feels to have someone able to suck a huge cock properly, Steven opens wide and goes as deep as he can, but only manages to get about a third of the way down. Its a very horny sight tho, and he certainly tries his best to suck deep, and his own cock throbs rock solid while he sucks, he clearly loves it. They switch, and Drew gets Stevens cock nice and wet first, licking it up and down the meaty shaft, before taking it in his mouth. Now comes the great surprise. Drew can suck REALLY deep, and obviously enjoys the challenge. He manages to get almost the entire length down his throat and he takes his time doing it. It is SO HOT to watch this. Next, they take off their shorts and Drew stands, his beefy powerful frame matching his massive dick, unlike Steven, who is so slim it makes his cock look even bigger than it really is. Steven kneels, opens wide, and again, takes Drews huge meat as deep as he can -he really tries, and as before, his own dick is rock hard throughout. Then Steven stands, and Drew kneels, and again, his sucking is incredible, and i got some very interesting angles of him deepthroating it, shot from underneath. Youre gonna love it. After this, both lads are aching to shoot their loads, so Drew stands, they play with each others cocks a little more, before returning to the sofa. Drew sucks Steven again as he jerks himself off. Both lads are so horny by this point they cant hold off for long, and Drew shoots first, thick white spurts overs his abs, shortly followed by Steven, who cums in a heavy stream which pours down his dick and over his hand, collecting in a thick pool at the base of his cock. This is one unmissable scene!

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