Raunchy Bastards - Kadus King, Zed Cruz & Clay

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Teenage Whore Initiation: 18 and 19 year-olds are a lot fun. They have energy and stamina, and for the most part are open to new things. Zed had answered an online ad looking for people to be in my videos, and I filmed him and Kadus (with Kadus taking Zed's virgin hole). Zed was so-so, and Kadus came so fast that I felt Zed didn't get fucked properly. So, I asked Zed if he wanted to come over and have a little more "fun" with Kadus and me. I low-balled him on the rate, but he said yes right away. At that point I figured, "if you're gonna act like a cheap whore you might as well get treated like one." Don't get me wrong, I like Zed a lot. Nice guy and all. But guys like Kadus are definitely more my style: on-board with my way of thinking, and at least he asks for what he is worth. While Zed was showering, I talked through with Kadus that we were just going to initiate Zed into some serious man-sex, and that pretty much anything goes as long as Zed gets turned out. Kadus was not only cool with that, but he thought it was a great idea. We all three got on the bed and I sort of directed them to start. Before long there was a lot of major dick sucking and kissing going on. Because Zed said he was straight and didn't like kissing, I made sure he did a lot of it. I also wanted to east his hole out, because teen. While I ate out Zed's boy cunt, he was sucking off Kadus. I love how Kadus just stays rock hard all the time. I guess it's easy when you're 19! I had Kadus fuck Zed first, and he did a great job. Zed did a good job, too, and took it like a champ. He definitely started getting this deer in the headlights look on his face, but he took it. As Kadus fucked Zed, I made out with him, and that made Kadus bust pretty damn fast. He pulled out his cock an inch from Zed's hole and I jerked him off to completion. I then ate all of Kadus' cum off of Zed's hairy ass. Yummy. Well, Zed had been loosened up, so it was my turn. I intended to creampie this teenage whore, and I handed Kadus the camera and fucked Zed good. I didn't know it at the time, but in that last part, Zed's deer-in-headlights look turned into the look of someone whose soul was slipping out of his mortal body. Well, as I always say, if you're gonna be a whore, you might as well get used to the feeling. It helps when your thoughts and senses are dulled (at least for most). I liked his hole, at any rate. I fucking came a gusher. Most of it went deep inside Zed's fuck canal, but as I pulled out I kept cumming everywhere. When it was all said and done, Zed still managed to crack a smile, even after all the distasteful kissing and multiple loads of jizz on his hole. That's a good whore, Zed!

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