Mormon Boyz - Elder Farnsworth - ORDINATION

Elder Farnsworth - ORDINATION
Elder Farnsworth - ORDINATION
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Elder Farnsworth could hardly contain his excitement as he prepared to receive the higher priesthood. His uncle, President Ballard, had shown him so much strength and guidance-and not just throughout his induction process. Ever since his uncle told him about the secret society and the role he could play within it, Elder Farnsworth had been looking forward to the day when he would be ordained, becoming a full member of the Order. It had been hard for him to curb his sexual appetites as a missionary. Fortunately, by making his way toward ordination to receive the higher priesthood, he'd managed to suck more cock and get fucked more than he could have imagined. Standing before his uncle, he felt a sense of accomplishment. He'd done all he'd been asked to do-and gladly-and was prepared to join the priesthood. While there was certainly some solemnity in the process, at his core he knew this really meant one thing: his uncle was going to fuck him. President Ballard leaned in close to his nephew, slowly bringing his mouth to meet the boy's lips. He sensually and delicately kissed Elder Farnsworth as he began to undo the young man's tie. Ballard had pride for all the boys he'd seen through their induction, but he had a special sense of pride about bringing his nephew fully into the order. As Ballard continued to kiss Farnsworth, his hands moved down the boy's torso, unbuttoning his shirt and exposing the boy's garments. Just as the young man leaned in to kiss his uncle back, Ballard seized control and turned him around, making sure it was clear just who was in charge. From behind, Ballard continued to remove the boy's clothing, removing his belt, pulling down the zipper of his pants and letting them fall freely to the ground. Farnsworth couldn't help but try to caress his uncle's concealed bulge, desperate to see its massive size again. When he was turned back around, his uncle gazed upon his narrow frame, clad only in his Mormon garments, his cock hard beneath. Ballard's big, strong hands moved their way to Farnsworth's back, taking each individual ass cheek into his palms and squeezing hard. The president couldn't deny how much he loved the feel of his nephew's soft, round ass. Feeling his own erection furiously trying to make its way out, Ballard pulled his hands away to begin taking off his own clothes. Farnsworth was eager to assist, excited to see the sexy muscles of his handsome uncle. The two worked in concert to disrobe the bearded president, taking the chance to steal a kiss or a grope whenever they could. Once down to his garments, the tree-trunk thick bulge in Ballard's underwear stuck out from his hips. Ballard's cock was standing at full attention, waiting for a hot, warm hole to slip into. Elder Farnsworth fell to his knees as soon as the monster cock appeared. He brought his face in close to it, taking a deep breath of the older man's musk and the scent of his sweaty crotch. Farnsworth was obsessed with his dick and wanted to feel it inside. Pulling down President Ballard's garments, Farnsworth saw the massive meat spring out from its cloth trap. Even though he'd seen it many times, he was still gobsmacked by his uncle's cock. He was eager to feel it in his mouth, nearly breaking his jaw as he tried to fit the whole thing inside. His lips moved up and down the shaft as he felt the fat head plug up the back of his throat. His tongue moved around as much as it could, massaging his uncle and coaxing out drops of pre-cum for him to taste. President Ballard held the back Farnsworth's neck in his grip, gently guiding him up and down, fully aroused by his nephew's skill. President Ballard interrupted the world-class blowjob he was receiving to remove the remainder of this garments. As the two men stood completely naked, Ballard came close to his nephew, feeling their rock hard erections knock into each other as they kissed. As good as his nephew's mouth tasted, Ballard's wet cock was still eager for a warm hole. The horny president wanted nothing more than to feel the insides of his nephew's ass yield to the size of his huge cock. President Ballard took a seat on the white couch behind them, spreading his legs out just enough that his cock could stand straight up like pole. Elder Farnsworth knew his cue and straddled his uncle, wrapping his legs around his body. Ballard looked up at his nephew and gave him a deep, sensual kiss as his fingers moved around to tease the boy's hungry hole. He wanted to make sure he was ready and could handle all the Ballard was giving him. His fingers continued to run up and down, bringing saliva from his mouth to their tips to appropriately lube up the boy's hole. Farnsworth was tight, but his cock was leaking out strands of pre-cum onto Ballard's stomach. He clearly wanted it badly. Slowly and carefully, Ballard dropped Farnsworth's straddled legs down to bring his ass right to the throbbing tip of his cock. The young man brought his hand behind to assist, practically drooling to feel his ass stretched by his uncle's member. With a steady motion and some controlled breathing, Farnsworth felt the familiar feeling of his sphincter being split apart as President Ballard's cock slid inside his body. With each inch that maneuvered within him, Farnsworth felt his body come alive. He began to rock back and forth on his uncle's lap, working his shaft like an engine piston. President Ballard looked up at his nephew, lost in the ecstasy of Farnsworth's tight hole, but patiently waiting for it to loosen up. Farnsworth may have felt like his ass was going to burst, but looking down, Ballard could see he was only half way inside. He was going to make sure he was balls deep before he truly gave his nephew a worthy fucking...

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