Straight Lads Spanked - John & Jordan - Spanked Brothers - Part Two

John & Jordan - Spanked Brothers - Part Two
John & Jordan - Spanked Brothers - Part Two
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This gay spanking video featuring two real life brothers follows on directly from Part One The men getting spanked action continues as John and Jordan's ordeal continues! These cheeky, Irish brothers have already received a painful over the knee spanking. Now it's time for their underwear to be removed and for them to get spanked on their already sore, bare bottoms! John goes first. The younger brother has to pull down his pants whilst his embarrassed older brother does everything he can not to have to watch his little brother, fully naked over another man's knee getting spanked! John tries to put on a brave face but as the spanks come down on his naked bottom there is no hiding how much it's having an effect! In this gay spanking video you see John start to wriggle around over Mr X's knee as the spanking really starts to hurt! All Jordan can do is watch knowing that it will soon be his turn. Sure enough the older brother is instructed to remove his boxer shorts, leaving him naked and exposed. Jordan drapes himself over the spankers knee, with his bottom upright and ready to receive a spanking! Little brother John now has to watch his big brother getting spanked hard! As the spanking video continues we see Jordan wriggling around and kicking his legs as he is in the over the knee spanking position. Once the hand spanking section of the spanking video is over, Mr X informs the lads that they will also be getting belted! He removes his own black, leather belt and instructs the lads to face the wall. They do so, with their sore, red bottoms sticking out. So the gay spanking video's fun continues as the two lads receive some lashes from the belt! This part of the spanking video is there to see from all angles as the split screen effect lets you see all of the spanking punishment.

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