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Straight from a brutal workout session, i'm pumped, hairy, shredded and vascular. So many skinny dudes around me I can't help but laugh at them as they stare at me in amazement I ask them if they want a show, I saturate my shirt in oil before I rip out of it like the beast I am. the oil runs down my pecs and abs and onto my cock. I get angry that these little skinny pathetic dudes are not alpha's and only alpha's should belong worshipping me so I lift them up and crush them making them feel my power! The aggression gets my cock hard and I pump up more and more. With my veins exploding with blood and power I explode into a huge cum shot showering the inferiors in my masculinity. There's only one thing a massive muscled Alpha man like me needs after a good workout session in the gym, and that's the feel of a powerful cum load erupting from my cock! Of course, it's always better if there's a bunch of pathetic little runts standing around watching, admiring my incredible body, drooling at the prospect of one day being as insanely muscled and powerful as I am. They won't though, of course, they don't have the stamina, the will power, the strength to become what I am. All they can do is watch in awe as I humiliate them, making them feel even more pathetic as I flex in my shirt and tear it off, revealing my veiny bulging arms, my rock hard pumped up chest and my rippling abs. The oil makes my massive muscles even more incredible as I show them what they'll never become. The most they can hope for is being permitted to be near me, to watch me, the most they should expect is having an Alpha man like me willing to use them. They're lucky to feel my strength and power as I grab them and crush them in my massive arms, their pathetic little skinny bodies totally powerless against my slippery rock solid strength. Even though their pathetic weakness makes me angry, my cock gets even harder with it. I'm in complete control of these snivelling little men, if they can even be called men! The final humiliation is appropriate too as I wank my solid cock in their faces. My incredibly body is bulging all over as I stroke my throbbing shaft over them, my cum rising and beginning to splash from my wet swollen helmet, erupting all over the pathetic little men as they pray for my semen to magically make them into real men, like me!

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