Black Boy Addictionz - Lil Luda, Michael Galletta & Shyne

Lil Luda, Michael Galletta & Shyne
Lil Luda, Michael Galletta & Shyne
rating Black Boy Addictionz - Lil Luda, Michael Galletta & Shyne - Free Gay Porn

Join me as I fulfill a lifelong fantasy by filming my very first threesome! This time I have TWO horny black boys all to myself for an entire afternoon! Cute high-school boy Lil Luda joins me for his very first threesome AND his first sexual experience with a white guy, and fan favorite Shyne helps me break the new kid in! This scene is actually a "double feature" that begins with Lil Luda's solo "audition." Lil Luda is a cute high-school kid who looks like he could easily be the rapper Ludacris's little brother. Just barely eighteen and still a few weeks away from his high school graduation (at the time this was filmed), Lil Luda has a sexy smile, fun personality, and athletic body (he runs for his high school's track team). This is his very first porn scene, but overall he seems surprisingly calm and confident about the whole thing. After a brief interview, I instruct him to strip slowly out of his clothes. With a lot of cute, nervous laughter, he shows off his naked body for the first time on camera. There's a lot to love about this kid, but my top picks would probably be his muscular runner's legs, his thick mane of pubic hair, and his classic black-boy bubble-butt! Lil Luda relaxes on my futon and plays with his dick while watching porn. In a couple different positions, this cute high-school track star strokes his dick until he pumps out a nice creamy load onto his stomach. Lil Luda returns the next day for his very first action scene, which also turns out to be his first threesome and his first sexual experience with a white guy! We kick things off with some kissing. I relish my first taste of Lil Luda's thick, juicy lips, and Lil Luda experiences his first interracial kiss. I take turns tongue-kissing Shyne and Lil Luda, and then both boys lean across me to kiss each other for the first time. Lil Luda moves to the middle, where Shyne and I slowly strip him out of his clothes. We grope his tight young body, fondle his dick and balls, and then flip him around to feel up his perfect ass. Shyne takes his place, and Lil Luda and I undress and explore every inch of his body. Next, Shyne and Lil Luda work together to get me out of my clothes, and now it's MY turn to be the center of attention! “Fantasy, huh?” Lil Luda jokes, looking up at me as he and Shyne lick my nipples and play with my cock. It's amusing to witness Lil Luda's genuine curiosity and excitement as he touches a white man's body for the first time. I stand between both boys and they take turns sucking my dick. I thrust in and out of one boy's mouth while the other boy plays with my ass. Then I pull out my dick, still soaked in saliva, and shove it in the other boy's mouth. I also lean back on the futon with my camcorder in hand and get some hot close-up shots of the two black boys slobbering on my dick and balls at the same time. There's a generous amount of spit-mingling oral action in a variety of hot combinations: I tongue-kiss Lil Luda while Shyne sucks my dick. I tongue-kiss Shyne while Lil Luda sucks my dick. Lil Luda takes turns sucking my dick and Shyne's. Shyne takes turns sucking Lil Luda's dick and mine. I suck Shyne while he sucks Lil Luda, and later I suck Lil Luda while Shyne sucks me.... Finally, Lil Luda gets on his hands and knees and sucks my dick while Shyne penetrates him from behind. Lil Luda looks cute as hell as he takes dick on camera for the first time, and Shyne really seems to enjoy fucking that tight teenage ass while it lasts! Unfortunately, we had to cut the fucking short due to time constraints (Lil Luda was called into work earlier than expected) and a misunderstanding between Shyne and me. With Lil Luda on his back, Shyne and I kneel beside him and shoot two nice-sized loads across his face in a hot and messy "double facial." The scene concludes with brief closing comments from both boys.

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