Military Classified - Ackerman3 - Marines / 20 / 5'7 / 152 / 6.5c - Anal

rating Military Classified - Ackerman3 - Marines / 20 / 5'7 / 152 / 6 - Free Gay Porn

Ackerman is back and this time he's going a little further than he even thought he would because he was really hurting for money, of course. This video is very, very unique because we are literally watching a straight guy who has never done ANYTHING with a guy before and especially on tape. I gave Ackerman enough cash this time to "attempt", as he put it, to fuck a guy in the ass and have it videotaped. So what you guys are about to watch is real and believe me it shows. When Ackerman got to my facility he was extremely nervous and still unsure about the anal thing because he had a very bad experience with a girl who had issues in that department and it left him scarred I guess. Inspite all that, we agreed to the details and got started shooting. I immediately got Ackerman undressed and butt naked on my couch. Next, I sensually started sucking his cock like I've never sucked a cock before...ha! Imagine that, Rob never sucking a cock! lol. Anyway, I didn't even start with my ritual of licking and sucking his crotch and balls first, I went right for the meat and potatoes. Ackerman put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, sat back and enjoyed some damn good head. Which was clearly evident by the thick 6 inch hard-on he was sporting. I never noticed til after I edited this video but Ackerman was giving some very interesting looks that resembled a controversy with himself inside his head. Reluctantly, he was beginning to enjoy the head. It didn't take long before this 20 year-old Marine was hard as a frickin rock, so I moved in front of him on my knees and started sucking his cock even deeper. Once I knew that his dick was hard as a Rock then I took the condom and slipped it on his cock. Next, I started licking and sucking his cock with the condom on which kept the juices flowing. This drove him crazy to the point where he forgot about the porn on the TV screen and watched everything I was doing. From the seated position, I climbed on top of him and began slowly sliding my ass on his cock up and down stiffening his prick even harder. The look on his face was priceless because he couldn't understand why it was feeling so good when he knew it wasn't suppose too. After I knew he was greased and ready to go, I began riding him cowgirl style as he braced himself against the couch with a look of complete confusion. I think I was really getting Ackerman in the "fucking" mode because after a while of riding him cowgirl style which definitely peaked his horned up curiosity, I decided to have him stand up and do his business doggie style. With one leg mounted up on the couch and standing behind me, Ackerman drove his cock deep in my ass and took me by the hips and started penetrating to no end. After a while I think he became too nervous and we had to end the scene with one of my famous blowjobs, and the nut.. well you guys tell me how good it is!

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