Military Classified - Nash - Civilian / 19 / 5'10'' / 155 / 8c - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Nash - Civilian / 19 / 5'10'' / 155 / 8c - Free Gay Porn

Nash is a little stud I recently met online through a place called craigslist. Alot of sleezy people go on there to hook up...wait a sec..I'm on there alot! Oops! Anyway, I responded to an ad he had looking for hot chicks. I always do that because i'm assured that the guy is straight if he's searching for girls. It took alot of convincing and a fair amount of cash but he unwillingly agreed to let me suck his cock. This video displays a REAL straight guy and how he reacts to getting his cock sucked by a guy. He had to get hammered off his ass to even let me near his cock. In the end though, I delivered the load which was the important thing! There wasn't much said at all between us and I think he wanted to keep it that way. I adjusted as best I could but I must say this was a very unique shoot for me because I had to really adapt to his demeanor in order to make the shoot a success. My patience was definitely tested but I knew that this poor kid was only being himself and like any straight guy who is doing something he's not comfortable with, he seemed very cold and distant as you'll see. I had him sit down on the chair naked and told him to get himself hard. Nash has a beautiful body actually. Very lean and muscularly toned, completely hairless and very smooth, and of course the dick of death. How they put such a big cock on such a small frame still baffles me but hey.... I calls them as I sees them. I got lots of direction from Nash as to how he wanted his cock sucked and he wasn't to pleasant about it. Most people would say why put a video like this on the website if he's so uncooperative? Well I want to make sure that my viewers realize that these are straight guys and they all react differently to sex with another guy. Sometimes they don't react the way you want them too but it doesn't mean that it still isn't hot. There's something hot about being submissive to a straight guy and how he dominates you almost in humiliation... sexually speaking of course. This is one for the books though because Nash was one of the few straight guys i've had on the website that I couldn't get off myself. I pride myself in the fact that I can get these straight guys off as opposed to many other site where they end up jerking themselves. Nash was one of those so I tried and tried but I think it was a mental thing with him and not so much my skills, so I didn't take it personal. I like to keep variety on my website and show all different types of reactions to sex. Nash was definitely different than the norm. He was hot, horny, had a big cock and loves to fuck pussy. I turned that around for him and made him enter an area he wasn't all that prepared to go but in the end he busted his nut all over my face and that part is DEFINITELY HOT!

Category: Military
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