Military Classified - Frankie3 - Civilian / 23 / 5'11'' / 170 / 7c - Blowjob-massa

rating Military Classified - Frankie3 - Civilian / 23 / 5'11'' / 170 - Free Gay Porn

Frankie is back and this open minded straight guy is returning for one of my famous massage blowjobs. Frankie now claims that he can't find a chick that can suck his dick the way I do. We talked about the video over the phone and before long we had arranged a day and time for him to come up and take care of business. Frankie is a beautiful "crotch rocket driving" straight boy that loves to fuck pussy and will sometimes forego the latter if the incentive is feasible. Within days I had Frankie at my facility horny and naked as a jaybird ready to be pleased. This video is from the vaults because it's an original video shot on older equipment a while back but the action is definitely hot and I seem to think that it reminisces the old master of Straight Military Seduction, Bobby Garcia. I loved his videos and have seen just about every single one of them. I hated the quality and his angles because I could tell he was doing it for his pleasure and not so much for the viewers. Anyway, Thanks to all you fans out there that have made this website a huge success because it proves that you can cater to your audience and still enjoy and still have fun. Thanks to you guys for your support and patronage. Anyway, back to the action. Well I made this beautiful little white boy get undressed and put him face down on the massage table. With his lilly white ass face up on the table I could hardly contain myself as I began the massage. I massaged everything from his head to his feet actually which I enjoy tremendously. Feet can be very sexy and sensual If they are the right feet. Frankie had those kinda feet. The massage turned into an ass eating fest because I apparently couldn't control myself and I wanted to munch on that ass basically french kissing that hole of his. Frankie's ass was delicious and with just the right amount of hair that made my tongue glide over that fur. I moved from his ass to his cock and began my cocksucking session implimenting my hand and fingers at different times, giving him a variety of sensations as he lay there helpless and out of control. I made Frankie lift his legs over his head as I continued my "examination" of his asshole with my tongue and mouth. I was really surprised at how comfortable Frankie became and how he just trusted me enough to give up control to me and let me basically do whatever I wanted at that point. The sucking continued of course and I started to see him get completely worked up and approaching his point of no return. In the end Frankie was a real trooper because I basically frustrated the poor guy by continually bringing to the brink of a nut and then bringing him down again and repeating that process several times throughout the session. As all good things must come to an end, I finally gave this boy what he was waiting for and made him release a huge nut. Frankie is always quiet when he cums but the look on his face was something I don't think I'll forget soon. You guys are gonna love whackin off to this one!

Category: Military
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