Military Classified - Barnett - Civilian / 25 / 5'6'' / 155 / 6.5c - Solo

rating Military Classified - Barnett - Civilian / 25 / 5'6'' / 155 / - Free Gay Porn

Barnett is a civilian I met online who had an ad on craigslist looking for some pussy, so I decided to respond to it with the hopes that he would answer and listen to what I had to say. I was totally stoked when he did. We talked about the work, the money, and I had him convinced to come over to my place to do a face to face interview. I really didn't tell him what to expect but he knew that he was at least going to whack off to some pussy porn and that's exactly what he ended up doing. Barnett was a talker as compared to most of the straight guys I interview, so it was relieving to not have to carry the conversation for a change. Barnett had a inviting personality and a confidence that kept him talking and talking about his favorite subject.. girls! Once we got past the particulars I got him butt naked sporting a nice little cock that grew to a healthy 6.5 inches. His semi-hairy chest, full body tan and muscles were really working for this stud. I had the porn going in the background and with the remote in his hands and his eyes glued to the screen, he began to stroke his dick rock hard in no time until it stood at full attention. His balls were all tensed up as he continued to stroke his dick with a proud little smirk on his face as it raged completely hard now. I must have photographed Barnett is every position I could think of and he just confidently sat there stroking his dick and knowing exactly how to work it like he'd been doing this for years. He would watch the porn, then look at his dick, then back on the porn then glancing at himself in the mirror directly to his right. He was all about himself at this point. I stood him up and made him stroke from a standing position because I wanted to get a nice look at his body which was definitely worth the effort. I knew that I was probably going to make this boy nut from a standing position so I took him over towards the mirror door because I really wanted to capture this nut for everyone to see. I egged him on as he stood next to the door and told him to shoot his load all over the mirror. Barnett was now quiet as a mouse as he concentrated on his hard dick, that was so rock hard and ready to blow. As he drew close to his nut he let out a big yell and catapulted a HUGE load all over the mirror. I mean it was amazingly big and hot!!! I'm not one for solos but this one was pretty damn hot watching a straight guy take care of his shit.

Category: Military
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