Military Classified - Fuller - Civilian / 28 / 5'7'' / 160 / 6.5c - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Fuller - Civilian / 28 / 5'7'' / 160 / 6 - Free Gay Porn

I'm introducing a new find today, Fuller! A good looking straight young man who is a bit nervous today so we've put him in face paint because he wanted to remain incognito and less recognizable. I've been talkin to this boy for months trying to convince him to trust me enough to come meet me and after all this time I've finally managed to get Fuller into my house and in my bedroom with the intention of sucking his cock. Money was the main motivator here but as you'll see in this video, what surprised Fuller was how good it was! We got past all the bullshit rhetoric and in the meantime found out that Fuller lost his virginity at age 12! Can you believe these straight guys? Once we got rolling I asked him to take all his clothes off which he really didn't have a problem doing and became quite relaxed once the porn started playing. I slowly began licking his nutsack gently, rubbing my wet tongue all over his nuts making his cock twitch. I took his shaft and head down my throat which he then thrusted forward as to help shove it down my throat. It wasn't long at all before his cock grew to a healthy 6.5 inches beautifull cut and just ripe for the plucking. I began sucking his cock with some rhythm now and began to set a pace that was nice and steady as his cock was not raming rock hard. He just laid back on the bench with the remote in one hand as I began to work on his cock even harder now. By this point Fuller was in full horny mode and nothing was goin to make that dick get soft. I relaxed my throat even more now and began driving my throat and mouth down his cock balls deep. He was mesmerized at how easily his cock sank down my throat and how that warm mouth began to feel almost "pussylike" and he began to lose focus on the porn and more attention on what was going on between his legs. Next I stop him up and placed him in a parade rest position and continue my cocksucking wearing him down more and more. I asked him to begin fucking my mouth and to treat it just like a pussy which he had no problem doing. He fell right into that mode easily and began to drive his cock into my mouth with his hands behind his back. To make it easier I took his hand and placed it behind my head and asked him to let loose and boy did he. He drove his cock way back harder and harder wearing him down even more until we had to stop for a break. Next I pulled out my Fleshlight pussy porn pumper and continued my pumping away. Fuller got so into my toy that he wanted to take it for a test run himself and he continued pumpin his cock like crazy. He picked up the pace with the fleshlight and now he was heading closer and closer to a nut so I took over the fleshlight and began using my hand and mouth combination, a vibrator that I used to stimulate his prostate, and with his direction, he led himself to make his dick spit a load and half that gushed out with his legs still in the air! This nut was WORK! Check it out!

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