Military Classified - Frankie6 - Civilian / 23 / 5'11 / 180 / 7c - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Frankie6 - Civilian / 23 / 5'11 / 180 / - Free Gay Porn

Frankie is back again and he's becoming quite the pro now! He's exclusive to militaryclassified and we like that of course. Today Frankie has come back for one of Rob's speciality blowjobs which he likes alot. The great thing about my work is that although the guys are motivated by the money, the fact that the oral service is above standard tends to bring them back again and again.... you hear me complainin'? I call Frankie my quiet boy cause he nuts almost in complete silence and in abundance. It was a good day I tell ya! Like the pro that he is, Frankie got out of his clothes right away and sported a nice body which he's been working on since the last time I saw him. Big Chest, smooth round ass, balls that hung almost to the ground, and a beautiful cock that was just waiting to be handled by me. I started in my slow mode and incorporate alot of touch with my cocksucking.. I really think less is more in oral service. The lighter the touch and the softer your approach is, the better they react and you can get them hard instantly. You guys need to understand that these guys are accustomed to having girls suck their cocks and girls aren't rough or forceful, they are soft and gentle and I've learned that straight guys LOVE that at first. Not to say that being firm and forceful is bad but everything in it's own time. As I began to feel Frankie's cock get harder now, I would glance up at him on occassion to gage his responses and its been my experience that when they stay glued to the porno and have this blank look on their face, you know they are just dying to see what's going on down there but don't because of their machoistic personalities. Frankie's balls hung so low and were soooo big that I could bearly concentrate on the task at hand. From the balls to his beautiful cock that was now erect, I introduced my hand along with my mouth and this definitely kicked things up a notch as he became more and more excited. I also pulled the astroglide out of my asenol and once I did that along with the hand/mouth combination, it ws all she wrote. This quiet little boy didn't say very much when he warned me, in fact, I thought it was just a warning but to my amazement he was ready to bust and bust he did. He delivered a good 4 squirts that went everywhere. They were so heavy you could hear them thump on the carpet! It's such a turn on to experience a guy most intimate sexual pleasure and knowing that I was responsible for it! GREAT!

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