Military Classified - Corey - Navy / 26 / 5'4 / 145 / 6c - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Corey - Navy / 26 / 5'4 / 145 / 6c - Blo - Free Gay Porn

I met Corey online from an ad he posted in San Diego looking for pussy. A lot of military use Craigslist as a way to meet girls for casual sex and Corey was no different. Once I gained a little of his trust, I convinced Corey to come down to my facility to get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time which took some convincing on my part but I think the money i offered him was the motivator. Corey's biggest complaint is that girls don't know how to suck cock and it frustrates him for the most part. Watch as Corey gets surprised beyond belief as he finally realizes what a real blowjob is suppose to feel like. We talked about a lot of things during our interview and Corey sounded like a frustrated Seabee that finds it difficult to get sexual satisfaction as often as he needs it. His complaints were few and his skepticism large but I think he's going to be pleasantly surprised today. Once we got past all the chit chat, we got right down to business and I began taking clothes off of Corey and putting him in a parade rest position. I undid his pants and out flopped a nice semi hard 6 inch cut cock that was throbbing with need to be some where warm. From the standing position, I knelt down on my knees in front of Corey and began to suck his cock which made him perk up almost immediately. At first he seemed a bit green not knowing what to do as I directed him to shove his cock down my throat but when I told him to treat it just like he would a pussy, it was almost as though he fell into sync and started ramming his cock down my throat making my eyes water but with an ear to ear smile the whole time. I could tell that Corey was slowly starting to figure out that good head does exist but he's been looking in the wrong places for it. Corey continued fucking my face harder and faster now to the point where he was about to lose control until I immediately stopped my rampage and asked him to sit down back on the couch so I can finish him off. With his hands behind his head and his mouth wide open, Corey sat there on the couch mesmerized at how incredible the blowjob was feeling. I continued my cock sucking only this time I started using my hand and mouth together in a combined manner to really make this boy squirm in his seat and that exactly what he did. I deep throated his cock, I licked and sucked on his balls, I even cupped his nuts as I sucked him because I know how much I like to have my balls handled while someone works on my cock. By now Corey was becoming more and more excited and less and less in control of his ability to hold back his nut. He had a ear to ear smile as he was ready to nut and with the words "oh fuck i'm about to cum", Corey let out a big yell as he delivered his nut into my mouth and hands. It was thick and gooey as it ran down his cock and balls, a one day nut that shot all over his exhausted cock as he just sat there in complete satisfaction but completely worn out!

Category: Military
Tags: corey, navy, blowjob
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