Military Classified - Jett - Marines / 20 / 5'11 / 160 / 7c - Blowjob

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Today I'm introducing a hot new and young straight Marine from Camp Pendleton who hails from the deep know, church going, conservative "homo hating" american.. my favorite! This conservative little stud is out in California trying to soak up as much pussy as he can and while coming across someone like me was not in his plans, I managed to convince him into meeting me under the guise of straight porn then offered him incredible amounts of cash to let me suck his dick, he went for it and here we are today. Jett is going to let a guy suck his cock for the first time and I caught it all on tape. We had the usual banter up front that I like to use as an ice breaker to loosen up the guys and make them a little less nervous. When he gave standard answers I knew that he was holding back so I went right for the jugular and had him take his clothes off starting the interview naked. I instructed him to start playing with himself which he did by shaking his cock back and forth quickly, kinda wiggling it, and almost instantly his cock got rock hard. Then I asked him to put his hands behind his head, spread his legs apart, and watch the porn as I began my work. From the seated position on my bed, I got down in front of him at crotch level and began sucking his cock right from the start and Jett had no problems acclimating to a guy going down on his cock. As we got further into the blowjob, Jett became even more comfortable grabbing the back of the headboard of my bed starting to jam his cock down my throat until he nearly reached a point where he was starting to lose control of his nut. Next I asked him to stand up, literally, on my bed using the ceiling as leverage as I instructed him to start fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. Jett had absolutely no problem taking charge of that situation and in fact, like a duck takes to water, Jett began fucking with confidence the moment I mentioned pussy.... interesting how that is. I think he was enjoying the fucking motion of drilling my mouth because he had to slow down because he was headed towards a danger area if he wasn't careful. I sat him back down after this and asked him to just relax and sit there while I finished off this amazing bj. Jett sat back on the edge of my bed with his legs spread and his 7 inch cut cock hard a missle ready to erupt. Finally, I rotor-rootered his cock getting to the root of the problem and unclogging his "drain", so to speak, sucking at a pace that was driving Jett crazy. He began to breath audibly and more intense now and I knew that it was a matter of time before I was going to have a mess on my hands, literally. Almost as quickly as he got hard, he quickly warned me under his breath he was about to nut. Jett blew a load that nearly floored me at how much there was. He told me this was the first time he had ever gotten off from head so he had to give good ole Rob a perfect 10 on this one!

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