Military Classified - Peyton - Civilian / 22 / 6'1 / 157 / 7c - Handjob

rating Military Classified - Peyton - Civilian / 22 / 6'1 / 157 / 7c - Free Gay Porn

Today I've veered away from the military vein and decided to add a little civilian spice to my cookbook of boys! Peyton is a straight little stud who was EXTREMELY nervous about being taped but desperately needed the money so henceforth here we are witnessing something that you would NEVER see anywhere else by this young, tall and lean, hot straight stud. Today he's receiving the best "handjob", "reach around" "helping hand" whatever straight guys call it but to me.. it was pure heaven! We got past the particulars and it was almost uncomfortable during the taping because he was so nervous about getting naked and playing with himself in front of another guy. It's interesting how straight guys come in so many different mindsets. Some are comfortable getting naked with anyone, some can't even bring themselves to getting naked, yet others are comfortable but only under their own circumstances (booze induced)! I asked him to get naked which he reluctantly did but just couldn't bring himself to take his underwear off. I asked him to poke his dick through his shorts which he did but felt uncomfortable cause he wasn't hard. I assured him it was perfectly ok and not to worry about not being hard. Finally naked he began to stroke himself with very little progress. Next I let him smoke a cigarette to relax and that helped a little because his cock was starting to wake up actually. I think the pussy talk also helped relax Peyton enough to finally get himself hard. I asked him to let me take over which he nervously did and I pulled out my trusty fleshlight and lubed up his cock. Interestingly enough, his cock immediately got hard when I took over and he zoned into the porn on the TV. All the beer and cigarettes he consumed didn't prepare him for what he was about to experience for the first time. I began to slide the fleshlight up and down his hard 6 inches of meat and I could see he was totally blown away at how good it felt. Next I began stroking his cock by grabbing his balls with one hand for grip and then began pounding his cock with my hand at a rate of speed that began to do some damage. I went back and forth with the fleshlight and my hand and I must have beat this boy's cock a good 15 minutes and he was just too nervous to relax enough to cum so he had to take matters into his own hands and he was now comfortable enough to bring himself to orgasm which he did and I couldn't have planned it any better.. check it out!

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