Military Classified - Jax - Ex-marine / 23 / 6'1 / 178 / 7c - Blowjob

rating Military Classified - Jax - Ex-marine / 23 / 6'1 / 178 / 7c - - Free Gay Porn

Meet Jax. This straight guy is about as exciting as melting snow but looks HOT as hell. Jax didn't have much to say, a bit on the nervous side, it was like breaking into Fort Knox trying to get this guy to talk. Once he relaxed a little I was able to convince him to let me suck his cock. Today you get to watch Jax, a straight former Marine, get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time in his life! I caught the whole thing on tape and what transpired was something to see. Since Jax wasn't the most conversational person, our interview wasn't very long but I was able to get a few words out of the guy about the women he's been fucking lately. Once his clothes was off, he sat back down on my bench, spread his legs and I knelt down in front of him and began sucking his cock. The room went silent and Jax avoided looking at me like the plaque so I knew he was nervous but surprised his dick went hard. I wasted no time showing Jax just how talented I was and I could tell by the look on his face that he was impressed. Within minutes I had him raging a nice 7 inch cut cock and I was slobbering all over it. Jax didn't have much emotion as I sucked his cock but I think he was doing this on purpose because he didn't want to show me how much he was actually enjoying it. I was determined to prove to Jax that head from a guy was far superior than head form a guy. By now Jax has given me a fair warning that if I continue that path he wouldn't be able to hold off anymore. I backed off a little but teased Jax taking up and down, from orgasm to hard, and Jax was in trouble. Jax's balls were not shrugged up against his sack, tight and ready to blow. His mouth was slightly open with a blank look on his face as he starred at the porn on the screen. In the end I implemented the triple threat; Astroglide, my hand, and my mouth and poor Jax was on the verge of a bust. I toyed with his cock, slapping it around and Jax knew that I knew exactly what I was doing. Finally Jax spoke under his breath almost whispering "i'm about to go" and let out a load that BLEW ME AWAY! Jax was silent. After he came I took his hard cock back in my mouth and he was totally impressed by the work. Once I was done he was ready to leave that's for sure! Great movie!

Category: Military
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