Military Classified - Keith - Navy / 22 / 6'4 / 170 / 9c - Solo

Keith - Navy / 22 / 6'4 / 170 / 9c - Solo
Keith - Navy / 22 / 6'4 / 170 / 9c - Solo
rating Military Classified - Keith - Navy / 22 / 6'4 / 170 / 9c - Sol - Free Gay Porn

Keith is my “work in progress”. COMPLETELY STRAIGHT! I approached him many months ago online and it was hit and misses until finally he actually started chatting with me. I told him about the website and the videos and he asked “is this gay shit?” I told him no, not exactly. I explained that all the guys on the site are straight but they are paid to jerk off to pussy porn. I didn't tell him that other things could happen because I didn't want to scare him off. I didn't hear from him for a while. Then, out of the blue, he gave me a call on my cell telling me he had given it plenty of thought and decided he wanted to shoot a video. He specifically said it had to be a jerk off video ONLY! He did not want to be touched at all and as he put it.. “I ain't gay and I don't want no queer touching my dick”. He's from the Midwest so introspectively I forgave him for his use of slang! I arranged to have him take the train from the base at Coronado up to Los Angeles where my studios are and the bastard never showed up to the train, didn't answer his cell phone, nothing! I was pissed off! When I finally got in touch with him, he told me he had been in a fight in Tijuana near the Mexican border just south of San Diego while out with his buddies. Of course this all happened the night before he was suppose to come up to LA so we re-scheduled and eventually he made it up. I called him on the hand and made him show me the stitches, I wanted to make sure he wasn't lying and sure enough his hand was bandaged up. He wasn't lieing! He showed up with his cammies and a friend who was there for protection and damn did he look good in a uniform! We went through the formalities and I could tell he was very nervous and uncomfortable during the initial process. When it came time to shoot, his friend didn't know where to go. I asked if he wanted him to stay and watch, he said, “hell no!” His friend didn't want to leave so he ended up in the bathroom with the door closed on the cell phone the whole time. Personally I think we'll see his friend on tape soon but you didn't hear that from me! SO, we finally got started shooting and Keith was completely uncomfortable. He kept apologizing and saying he didn't think he could do it. In fact I had to leave the room a couple of times so that he could relax and try and get it up. He finally did get it up and WOW! We are talking 9 inches. I measured! What a piece of meat! When I took stills it just flopped around like a side of beef. By the end of the video he was relaxed and in swing. What a show he put on! He blasted the biggest cum shot into a mirror that I've ever seen on tape and he was proud of it! They do grow them big in the Midwest!

Category: Military
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